Serious, motivated individual brings to life creative storytelling/ideas/goals through dynamic, fun design.  Seeking projects in still art, linear animation, or interactive web or games.


2006, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

BFA in Illustration

Double-major in Film/Animation/Video


Naturally gifted in classic character animation, anime-style, comic book-style and children's book-style illustrations, passionate, director-driven, and a team player.  Adapts perfectly to producer’s orders.  Communicates company’s messages through a direct style that emphasizes expressive movement. Improves and revises content even under challenging deadlines. Some filing and office skills.  MAC/PC, with tablet or Cintiq.  Proficient in Microsoft Office series, Flash, AfterEffects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Autodesk MAYA basics, Corel Painter, and pencil and paper.  Learning ToonBoom Animate.


2012, ASIFA-EAST Award in Excellence in Design for Orbis Park



2014, Animation Torrent in Park Ridge, Illinois - Norm & Cory



2010-2014, Geometry Global under Ogilvy & Mathers, New York office, Flash animator in the interactive department, designing and animating web content and mobile app games.  Also provides AfterEffects, Photoshop and MAYA work. Mainly Pepperidge Farms’ Goldfish Kids.  Current job.

2013, Writer for Alex Dudley's web series Toons These Days, which reviews current animated cartoons on TV.

2012, Team Toon animator on TV show for Cartoon Network Europe under Larry Schwarz And His Band, the successor to Animation Collective.

2010, Charles the Chef designed and animated intro to the website of Let's Get Cooking with Charles the Chef.

2010, Flickerlab clean-up animation for United Federation of Teachers "Buzzwords" commercial

2009, Casque D'Or Films  Off-site freelance.  Responsible for all visual elements, including animation, layout, design, and editing, for Queer Pets Adventures, a series of 10 1-minute episodes for festivals and mobile phones.

2009, Flickerlab character and effects Flash animation for Hooked on Phonics Learn-To-Read DVDs, the animated segments of the “Big Fat Joe” documentary, and NabiscoWorld.com’s Ritz crackers “Have Fun On A Dime” webisodes.

2006-2008, Animation Collective in New York City  Was my first, and currently longest, full-time animation job. Flash layout, character animation and design on Nicktoons Network’s Kappa Mikey, Dancing Sushi,  Speed Racer: The Next Generation, Johnson & Johnson’s “Touching Bond” webisodes, and Daystar Network’s The Cheesy Adventures of Captain Mac A. RoniEssential employee and ‘go-to’ for last-minute fixes.  Brought quality of layout and character animation to higher levels.  Voice work for Sushi.  Hosted How-To-Draw videos on CapMacDVD.

Do More Animation in NYC, hand-drawn animation on paper for Little Remedies children’s allergen commercial.

Six Point Harness in Hollywood, CA, part-time freelance, OFF-SITE
misc. character animation for
intros to remakes of ATARI games for GAMETAP

2005, Summer internship at
Fablevision Studios in Boston, MA
-character animation on the short film “ISH”.

Personal Animation

2013, Norm & Cory, 3.25 minute short intro to title characters of my comic from college.

2011, Orbis Park, 6.5 minute wholly original short.

2009, The Foxy Scrambler, 15-second entry into Nickelodeon’s contest. 

2006, Mime For A Day, 6-minute short.  Hand-drawn, with Photoshop and AfterEffects.

2005, SALSA!, 2.5 minute short.  Flash and Final Cut Pro.


2003-2008, on hiatus, Norm and Cory

2005-2008 on hiatus, Jack Magic